Shopping Strategies

In this workshop we will explore our relationship with the supermarket. These strategies are designed based on "Save on Foods" supermarket in Sidney but can be used in any supermarket.  

I like to break supermarket shopping into two categories

Category 1.  Online shopping. 

Online shopping has the advantage of lists making and saving on your purchases. (make your list, choose it online and get it delivered. no impulse buying.)  It is quicker and more convenient and if you are passing by the supermarket free to pick up. Disadvantages are that you are unable to see the food being picked and cannot always get substitutes for shortages. Also its difficult to direct the pickers to change anything once the order is in. 

But it is super convenient and I have used it quite a lot. 

 Category 2 is physical shopping    

I have divided these into three categories. We will explore them as a shopping expedition in the supermarket and hopefully get support from the manager in how we make our decisions.  

1. Quick buy, just popping in to get milk and bread etc.

2. Dinner buy, shopping for a specific purpose like dinner or a cake etc.

3. Weekly or monthly buy, which is replacing the items in your larder as the are running out or low. 

Obviously these categories are not mutually separate and more often you combine them but having a strategy for each one helpos keep those costs down and that weird mustard you actually will never open still on the shop shelf and not on yours.

Start with your dry and canned goods then move onto proteins, then dairy and produce and finish with bread. That way you avoid over buying and your fragiles are on the top!


Chef Geoff and Friends

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