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Your Corporate Head Office For Independent Food Service Operators

SilocaHQ Management Services specializes in providing support services to meet the needs of the independent food service provider internationally. We can help streamline your operations to increase efficiency, connect you with increased buying power for services like marketing, purchasing and labour benefits with low cost on site training and cost control. We can help liaise with inspection agencies, and maximize profits.

Our services include:

F & B Consultation
Just a look could set you on the right path. You tell us where you are and why you are concerned and we will let you know your best course of action. Inexpensive and effective. Often it is simply a question of an outside look to find the answer.

Quality Control/Secret Shopper
We evaluate your operation as a customer with our 120 point method. You do not know us or ever see us but you will get a report with a 1-5 matrix on all aspects from visibility to service and product quality to leaving the restaurant. And we like to be upsold when doing an evaluation!

F & B Administration including:

We look at the menu with your people and get their buy-in to change and improve. We build your procedure with your team, develop your costing analysis and train the people on the front line to serve it. When we are done everyone will know the direction and style you want and have a big board matrix to easily follow.

We use both computer and hard copy systems so you always have a back up to work with.

Health & Safety Training
We train to the requirements of regulatory agencies. We are partnered with local sources to assist and develop your health and safety goals, keeping your place clean, hygienic and safe, making you a leader in working safely.

Partnerships with Restaurant Maintenance
We help keep you rolling with quick access to local maintenance people and fix-it men.

Partnerships with marketing firms
We will access marketing for you, give you a 52-week marketing plan to fill those seats you want filled.

Membership Connections with Sister Restaurants Locally and Globally
By connecting to other operators we can help using your collective resources in cutting costs in purchasing and marketing and increasing sales by increasing traffic to your area.

Early Net Loss Detection (Financial)
We will look at your numbers and within a quarters figures we will find the answers you are looking for but were too afraid to ask. Forewarned is forearmed.

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SilocaHQ represents your corporate chef.

We are a services company that connects clients to providers specific to the hospitality industry at competitive rates. We provide a long term partnership in all associated aspects of restaurant and lodge management for small and medium stand alone brands.

Our goal is to to provide independent food service operators worldwide with the administrative services and buying power of a multinational network that enhances their profile and success while preserving their independence.

We want to get professionals together to provide the support you need doing your HR Maintenance and Marketing as well as provide group purchasing options to cut your costs.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Piccolo Mondo Restaurant Harlequins Martini Bar Delilah’s Martini Bar (closed) Taverna Colleoni Dell’ Angelo Bergamo, Italy

Casual Dining Restaurants

Doc Morgan’s Restaurant, Bowen Island, Canada

The Loft Restaurant, Tofino, Canada

The Vieux Kitzbuhel Restaurant, Montreal, Canada

Institutes and Convention centers

South African Defense Force

Croatian Cultural Cente Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver, Canada

South African Airways, Johannesburg Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa

Stephanie’s Catering, Kings Park Stadium, Durban, South Africa

PTI Remote Services Camps Mining Industry, Canada Compass Canada


150 year old Imperial Hotel Sun International, “Sun City and the Palace of the Lost City," Sun City Western Province, South Africa Lemuria Resort, Praslin, Seychelles Shandrani Hotel, Mauritius The Michelangelo Hotel Sandton South Africa Thornybush Game Reserve, Rivonia, South Africa

We look forward to helping your food service business develop to meet your changing needs.

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